Revivogen experience

Published: 18th November 2006
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Revivogen experience
How can Revivogen help you out? Read this.

I have used Revivogen for five months by itself and I noticed a significant reduction in the amount of hair I lose. The following morning I would lose 2 - 5 hairs in the shower. I added Revivogen again when I was still on Propecia, and I only noticed the reduction of hairloss after using Revivogen. And it was relief.

Revivogen will either stop or slow down your hairloss, but like anything it won't work for everyone. I believe Spiro is also giving me the same effect. So I believe Revivogen does work, but don't go expecting regrowth from it. It's not Rogaine. Revivogen is just a DHT inhibitor. I think a lot of people had their hopes too high when the product came out and those pictures on the Revivogen website don't help either.

People have bashed the product in the past but I would not use it if I did not notice any difference in the amount of hair I lose. It would be a good alternative if you do not want to take oral medications or if you suffer from any intolerable side effects from Finasteride. I consider a prolonged TE an intolerable side effect. I guess my body does not like me messing with my hormones.

Bryan has mentioned that Revivogen combined with spiro would be a good alternative to Propecia. I alternate each night with Revivogen and spiro. Anyway, it's good to have alternatives since not everyone can use Propecia and I am sure some people will have problems when dutasteride comes out.

Good luck.

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